Hello everyone – we deeply apologize for our delay.  Please read this email to find how it pertains to your question and reply if there is anything further we can do.  Forever Love Rescue is currently under a medical quarantine for AT LEAST 2 weeks from 7/17/21 after a litter of very sick kittens came in.  We are spending the majority of our days doing deeper cleaning, taking cats to and from the vet and medicating others here.  We will do our best to get to all other matters such as applications,requests,  voicemails, emails and other messages as we can.  We are sorry for the inconvenience but our volunteers have had an emotional few weeks and are doing the best we can.  Thank you in advance for your support and patience.
IF YOU HAVE APPLIED TO ADOPT – no cats or kittens can enter or leave Kitty Corner during this quarantine – we do have a few cats and kittens that are safely in unaffected foster homes that may be ready for adoption by next weekend.  If you would like us to process your application to adopt at a later time please let us know.  If you would like to withdraw your application to adopt elsewhere also let us know – we do understand and respect that decision.
IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO HELP US – monetary donations can be made online at paypal.me/foreverloverescue – we also have Amazon and Chewy Wishlists on our website at foreverloverescue.com/how-to-help-animals/ – donations can also be dropped off at our shelter (in the black wire bin out front anyday 11am-3pm) at 39 Queen St Gettysburg PA 17325
IF YOU ARE TRYING TO SURRENDER A PET OR FOUND CAT/KITTENS – no cats or kittens can enter or leave Kitty Corner during this quarantine – Kitten season has hit us hard so our rescue is currently full and it will take some time for us to bring our numbers back to a reasonable amount of kitties moving forward.  Please reach out to other rescue groups and shelters during this time.  A list of some other groups can be found at foreverloverescue.com/local-rescue-groups/
*** Kitty Corner will be closed to the public for at least the next 2 weeks. Due to a few recent (hopefully unrelated) losses, we have made an extremely hard decision to be proactive and quarantine our adoption center cats. We apologize for this last minute decision but we want to do what is best for them while our volunteers and vets work together to make sure everyone here is happy and healthy before they move on. While we are closed every sign and symptom will need to be addressed by a professional and lots of testing will happen all while no adoption fees are coming in. We need donations more than ever right now to keep us moving forward and paying more vet bills than usual. Our biggest needs currently are food and monetary donations for vet bills. Donations can be made via Paypal.me/foreverloverescue and food can be shipped to us at FLR 39 Queen St Gettysburg Pa 17325 or dropped off in our donation bin out front any day. To keep our diets consistent our adults eat Wellness Core chicken or turkey dry food and Friskies filets/shreds/bits canned. Our kittens enjoy any non-generic canned or dry food and KMR. We hope that everyone understands that we operate in a world where sick cats and kittens are handed off to our fosters often and we are doing our best for as many as we can even when we find ourselves losing hope for the world we live in daily. We do everything we do because we believe each cat and kitten deserves the chance we can provide them. During this time we would LOVE to continue to post happy stories of those we have saved! Your pictures and kind words are more than welcome anytime – just send us a message! And THANK YOU to our entire village of followers, adopters, donors, volunteers and fosters! We could never do all of this without your support –