Please watch the video above to find out a little more about our adoption process and see what to expect when visiting Kitty Corner to Meet the Cats of Gettysburg

Why are adoption fees so important for us? We work hard to keep costs low here but we still spend $125-190 to get every HEALTHY kitten ready for adoption! That does not take into account the costs to vet sick cats/kittens or our expenses to otherwise house them and provide routine daily care. We rely on adoption fees to cover a portion of that expense (fees are $60-$100 per kitty) and then we must fund raise and collect donations to cover the rest PLUS pay our bills to keep our doors open. Team Forever Love welcomed 351 cats and kittens into our adoption program last year! We found homes for so many but we are still caring for some of our long timers and our new friends who have not yet found homes. As of today, our hard working volunteers and fosters are caring for 127 cats and kittens each and every day! We also provided TNR surgery for 720 community cats last year in our “spare time”. This is a huge job for our dedicated group of volunteers to do and we can’t thank our supporters enough for allowing us the opportunity to care for so many! Visit the different pages on this website to find out more about donating, volunteering or adopting and THANK YOU for following us and being part of our amazing village!

Please be sure to enter our Kitty Corner Gettysburg zip code 17325 to view adoptable cats at our rescue! If you are on a cell phone or tablet you may have to turn it sideways for the zip code line to appear.  We do our best to keep this list up-to-date but when we get busy we can have others here who have not made it to our website yet. Fill out an application today to become pre-approved!