Please think long and hard about the decision you are about to make! To your pets, you are their family and their whole world. Re-homing a pet is a life-altering decision.You may be teaching children or others that pets are not a responsibility and that they are disposable – which they are NOT.

Consider why you are making this decision. What part of the unspoken promise you made to your pet you are not able to uphold?

Extenuating circumstances do happen and that is why animal welfare organizations exist… but do you really need to make this decision?

If your circumstances may be temporary
Can a friend or relative help short term? What about boarding your pet for a short period? Are there organizations in your area that may be able to help?

If you are making this decision because of negative behaviors your pet has
Have you consulted a vet or behavioral specialist to attempt to correct these issues? Do you believe that this pet will be better off and/or be able to find a better home from a crowded facility full of other pets?

If you still feel you must find them a new home, be sure to give them to a reputable organization or someone you know personally, and please remember this difficult decision before you choose to get a new pet.

Please keep in mind that adult cats (and especially senior cats, unaltered male cats or cats with health issues) get adopted at a slower rate as most adopters come in looking for kittens. We recommend posting pet cats that need new homes on Adopt A Pet’s new rehoming site at – we wish we could help them all but we realize there are just too many who need homes.
A list of some other groups can be found at