Please take any stray cat or dog to your local shelter or vet to have it scanned for a microchip ASAP!

If there is a microchip, visit to find out what company the chip was last registered with and call them to obtain the last owners information and report the pet found.  MAKE SURE to also ask for the implanting shelter or vet office as they may be able to assist you with owners current information or if the pet was adopted the organization may want their adopted pet back.  If the chip has never been registered, ask for the vet or shelter name that purchased the chip and contact them for further assistance.

If there is no microchip, you need to report it as a “found pet” to your local county shelter in case the owner is looking for it. Also look on social media for local lost/found groups for your area where you can post the pet, and make flyers to hang close to where you found the animal.  The best place to post lost and found pets online in our area is on Find Toby in PA.  Please send them a message with a picture and as much information as you can!

If you cannot hold onto the pet, it needs to be surrendered to an organization who can hold it for the owner – and eventually find it a proper home if the owner does not come forward.

DO NOT give a found pet away to another person without looking for its owner FIRST! Someone may be devastated by the loss of their beloved pet. If you or a friend are looking to adopt a new pet, please go through a local animal shelter or rescue.

For additional assistance for stray cats and dogs in Gettysburg, please contact the Adams County SPCA.

NOTE: If you find an infant, teeny, tiny kitten, please visit our page about babies.