While we are thrilled that you are considering pet adoption, please do not make this a spur of the moment decision. Adopting a cat, kitten or dog is a lifetime decision for that animal. Consider these essential questions before you welcome a new pet into your home:

Are you allowed to have a pet where you live now?

If you move, will you be able to take this pet with you?

Do you understand that a pet is a 14-16 year commitment?

Do you know the cost of supplies, feeding and proper vet care?

Do you have a plan for vacations, emergencies and a safe place for them to go if something happens to you or your home?

Do you understand that pets need proper training and sometimes negative behaviors need to be worked through?

Do you have the time to truly commit to this animal?

If you have carefully considered these questions, we have many cats and kittens available for adoption!

PLEASE, DO NOT BUY PETS online, in stores or from breeders unless you know that they care properly for the parents of those cute puppies and kittens that they sell for profit. Puppy mills are a serious concern that cause misery for many animals. There are cats and dogs of every age, shape, size and breed waiting for adoption somewhere in a shelter or rescue. A little research will lead you to the perfect pet for your home – and save an animal’s life.

Consider the cost of spaying/neutering any pets that you buy, take in from another person or “find”. Reputable shelters and rescues cover those expenses and have all essential wellness steps completed prior to the pet’s adoption, making their adoption fees a far more economical option. It also ensures that any pets adopted will never become a part of the ongoing overpopulation problem that we currently face. And always make sure to microchip your pet, no matter where you get one. Most shelters and rescues will do this automatically or offer it as a service. No one wants the heartbreak of a lost pet!