What is a stray and/or feral cat?
A stray cat is a cat who is currently living outside whether permanently or temporarily. They can be friendly, semi-feral or feral. A feral cat is a cat who does not have a home or an owner (rather they have caretakers) and are not socialized with people. Most feral cats choose to live outside and are happy in their outdoor home. They are generally very afraid of people and can not be picked up or handled. Friendly stray cats may be pets who have escaped from their home or have been discarded by their owners. They may also be cats who have lived outside and have simply been socialized with people.

What is TNR ?
TNR stands for Trap, Neuter and Return and Forever Love Rescue Inc promotes TNR as the humane solution to the feral cat over-population problem. It is a program that stops breeding by trapping, spaying or neutering and then returning cats to their original habitat. This program accomplishes the following:                                                                                                       •Ends the breeding cycle and stabilizes the population.                                                                 •Is more effective and less expensive than extermination.                                               •Eliminates or minimizes annoying behaviors such as spraying, yowling and fighting.       •Reduces the number of under-age kittens flooding county shelters, many of whom may be       euthanized due to lack of space and/or resources.                                                                         •Is the only humane solution.

How does it work?
TRAP – The cats are humanely trapped                                                                              NEUTER – The cats are taken to a veterinarian where they are spayed/neutered and vaccinated. Their left ear is “tipped” so that people will recognize that they have been sterilized and will not attempt to trap them again.                                                                RETURN – The cats are returned to their caregivers, who agree to continue to provide them with food, water and some type of necessary shelter.

What are the alternatives?
DO NOTHING – Eventually the problem will reach unmanageable levels and lead to untold suffering.                                                                                                                                    TRAP AND KILL – Aside from being inhumane, this approach is not a solution. New cats will simply move in to fill the void and start the cycle over again.                                                    TRAP AND RELOCATE – There is no place for these cats to go, and again, this approach is not a solution. New cats will move in to fill the void and start the cycle over again.               CATCH AND TAME – This approach is not realistic. Feral cats cannot typically be socialized enough to be placed in homes as pets. Even some friendly outdoor cats will not adjust to life as an indoor pet easily. Our shelters and rescue are already overwhelmed simply housing adoptable friendly house cats and kittens.

How Can I Help?                                                                                                                      Please spay and neuter your pet cats before they have any offspring. Keep them indoors with a break-away collar and an up-to-date I.D. tag. Many local organizations offer low-cost spay and neuter surgeries for owned/stray animals. If you are feeding homeless cats, please call      Forever Love Rescue’s TNR Program today at (717) 900-5525 ext 5 or email for TNR information and/or assistance.

Click here for a TNR Flyer with a list of local organizations who offer Spay/Neuter Services