We rely on information from Alley Cat Allies, an expert group for this topic. DO NOT pick up a baby kitten before you read this important message!  And visit their website by clicking here.

While you may be tempted to “save” a stray kitten by taking them home with you, this is almost never in the kitten’s best interest. Their mother is likely to be nearby, and she is the kitten’s best possible caregiver. Kittens younger than 8 weeks old are especially at risk when separated from their mother. A kitten has the best possible chance when it has its own mother to care for it – even if the kitten is a stray. The kittens pictured below had mothers nearby waiting to care for them.


Caring for tiny kittens is no small task and involves sleepless nights of feeding and supplies that you are unlikely to have on hand. If you find an injured or orphaned kitten and are unable to find a rescue that has space to take it please visit KittenLady.org to find out how to properly care for the kitten(s) while you continue to find help. If you are looking to adopt a baby kitten, wait for one that has been properly weaned and is ready to leave its mother or foster.

It is important to know the age of a kitten you are trying to help.  Here is a great resource for trying to determine age.  Remember that any kitten under 5 weeks old needs round-the-clock care including a heat source, bottle feeding and help going to the bathroom.  If you attempt to care for a baby kitten please visit KittenLady.org for a wealth of resources to help ensure you do things the proper way!