Please be aware that barn cats are semi feral or feral cats ONLY. Friendly or hand-raised cats will not be placed into barn homes by FLR unless they will not stay indoors.  We do not charge adoption fees for Barn Cats and all cats are spayed, neutered and vaccinated before relocation!

Unless there are extenuating circumstances, barn cat placement will only happen in the spring and fall. All barn cats must be spayed neutered and vaccinated, and they will require a 2 to 4 week acclimation period.  Please visit Alley Cat Allies here to find out more about proper barn cat relocation.

All barn cats should be fed and watered daily. Catching rodents should NOT be their primary means of eating, and they should have adequate shelter from extreme temperatures in all seasons.  – Please fill out our quick application at the bottom of this page!

Barn Cats Available SOON!  We do not charge an adoption fee for Barn Cats however we do require a 2-4 week acclimation period to happen in an outbuilding prior to release. We also require a commitment to feed and water Barn Cats daily. All Barn Cats come already neutered and Rabies vaccinated.


***We do communicate via email - make sure to check your spam file through this process***
At this time we only adopt out within a 1-2 hour radius of our location. That radius will be strictly enforced during the COVID pandemic to protect our volunteers
*** WE must verify this info with your vet - call them and give them permission to speak to us ***