If you are aware of animal cruelty – pet abuse or neglect – you MUST reach out to your local shelter and/or local humane officers. If you get no response, the next step is to contact the local police, the local government offices and local rescues for guidance. Move on to state offices and national welfare organizations if you do not get a response from any local resources.

Be mindful of your state’s animal cruelty laws. If they are not being broken, unfortunately this will not be a successful mission. If you do not believe the existing laws to be enough, contact your local and state officials and ask them to consider changing them.

Do not get upset if organizations you contact have no authority and/or basis on which to remove a pet from its home. They must follow the law, even in heartbreaking circumstances. If this is the case, start advocating for change in your community.

please note Adams County does not have a humane officer – to report animal cruelty in Adams County contact your local police department

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