Adoption fees are $100 for kittens under 6 months ($150 for a pair)

$60 for cats over 6 months old ($90 for a pair) or $30 for cats over 7 years old.


Adoption Contract for _____________________________

I, ____________________________, do hereby agree to the following conditions related to the adoption of the above female/male cat/kitten, estimated age of ___________________.

I understand and affirm that Forever Love Rescue Inc retains SUPERIOR TITLE to said cat, and may exercise its claim and recourse to reclaim the cat if at any time the conditions of this agreement are not being met in the sole opinion and the sole discretion of the Forever Love Rescue Inc.

It is also understood that although this Contract is generally executed at the actual time of adoption, circumstances may make it more convenient to either party to do so prior to actual adoption and pick up.  If circumstances arise subsequently, making the actual adoption inappropriate or unwise for any reason to either party, neither party is obligated, and this Contract is then null and void.

Forever Love Rescue is offering a 10 day trial adoption.  If during the next 10

days it is obvious that this cat is not a good fit for your family, Forever Love

Rescue will accept the cat being returned as usual but will also refund the

adoption fee to you.  During this 10 day trial or shortly after IF there are any

medical concerns for this pet, the pet MUST be taken to a vet that we currently

use to be seen.  We will not guarantee to cover any vet costs that are incurred

elsewhere or because of an issue that was evidently caused in the new home

environment.  You may request a trial extension to 45 days during the initial

trial period if you need more time to ensure that this pet is a good fit for your

home and vice versa.

General Conditions:

I agree and promise to keep and provide for this cat for its lifetime.  If I find that circumstances arise that I cannot meet this obligation for any reason, I promise to promptly notify Forever Love Rescue Inc to make arrangements to safely return this cat to them.

 I will keep this cat/kitten as a pet only and will not sell it nor allow it to be donated for medical or any other research.  I will never allow this pet to run free.  If I cannot meet these requirements, I will immediately contact this rescue to make arrangements to return the cat.

I understand that this pet is strictly an inside house cat and is unprepared and unable to live otherwise by the nature of its breed.  Should it develop any special needs, I am prepared to meet them. If this pet has any other special needs due to age, health or other considerations, I will recognize and understand these needs and I am prepared and promise to meet them immediately for the well being of the cat.

I will always provide this pet with adequate food, water, bedding, and caring companionship.

I will provide both routine (at a minimum, annual) and emergency veterinary care as needed.  IF this pet has not already been spayed/neutered (only applicable if pet is too young to spay/neuter or if pet is unhealthy and cannot undergo surgery at this time)… this must be done at age 4-6 months or immediately upon vet release of condition or Forever Love Rescue will consider this contract null and void.  The spay/neuter deposit will be refunded at that time.  There will be NO breeding of any pets rescued or rehomed by Forever Love Rescue.   This pet will receive an annual physical exam, and unless otherwise directed by the vet, generally prescribed annual vaccinations, boosters and exam as well as a feline lukemia tests.

I understand that FLR highly recommends using flea/tick preventative medication monthly.  Revolution or other broad-based products prescribed by a veterinarian are preferred.  Some over the counter products are also acceptable but only prevent against fleas and ticks and no other parasites (i.e. Frontline, Advantage).  DO NOT use generic products such as Hartz etc.

I understand that Forever Love Rescue Inc makes neither guarantee nor any representation for this cat’s behavior, health nor temperament and I accept full responsibility for any risks associated with owning this pet.  I also understand that if for any reason all these requirements in this contract cannot be met, I will immediately contact this rescue to make arrangements to return the cat.

I understand that rescue pets have often been subjected to any number of unpleasant experiences including beatings and mistreatment.  It is any cat’s natural behavior to react to physical injury in a way to protect itself.  We will not knowingly release any cat that we believe to be a hazard to its new parents, but new parents must understand that these cats have in some cases been badly mistreated.  In other words:  Until you KNOW the cat and the cat KNOWS that you are not intending to mistreat it, be especially careful to avoid making any gestures that imply injury to the cat.  Cats are intelligent pets and a sharp verbal correction or an occasional water spritz is more than sufficient to tell the cat that you are unhappy with any behavioral situation.  Do NOT threaten the cat in any way that may cause it to believe that it is going to be hurt or mistreated.

I understand that the normal adjustment period for most new pets is approximately 30-45 days and I am prepared to make allowances accordingly as the pet gets to know its new surroundings.  I also understand that “litter-trained” does not mean perfect and that this pet will take at least this amount of time to learn this particular household’s expectations and that some pets take longer.  Male cats generally feel an urge to “mark” territory when in a new environment and I recognize this behavior as normal and something that is expected, but not guaranteed to resolve in time.  .

I understand that IF this pet has a microchip placed by the rescue that they will retain rights to the ownership of said microchip for the first 45 days and will be the sole contacts for said microchip in case of voluntary or involuntary displacement.  Once our system has been updated with the adoption information after the 45 day waiting period your information will be automatically attached to any 24PetWatch microchips.  Any others may involve a transfer initiated by you to update contact information.  DO NOT attempt to install a second microchip as this will only complicate things if the dog becomes lost/stolen.  Clinics WILL NOT scan for a second chip.  They will use only contact info found with the first chip that shows up in a scan!  All microchip companies hold the right to charge an annual fee to update information on file after the adoption.  Most will update in the first year with no additional charges.

I am aware that it is strongly recommended that this pet be crated while left alone until the pet is familiarized with its new surroundings.

 I understand that no pet is ever to be left in a parked vehicle

unsupervised and that temperatures inside automobiles can

quickly rise to well over 100 degrees, sufficient to kill a pet within

minutes, even if the outside temperature is in the low 80’s and

even if the windows are partially open.

Forever Love Rescue Inc is adamant that ANY interaction between our pets and children be closely supervised.  Many small pets have been crippled for life at the hands of small children.

It is my understanding that every precaution has been taken to see that this cat/kitten is healthy and suitable as a household pet.  Any condition of health or temperament that is not known by Forever Love Rescue Inc is not the responsibility of  Forever Love Rescue Inc, and I hold harmless Forever Love Rescue Inc.  I also agree to inform Forever Love Rescue Inc in writing if my home address or phone number changes within two weeks of that event.  

Legal Conditions:

In the event that it is discovered that the pet(s) that I am adopting are harmed through my negligence, or my failure to abide by the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement, I understand that I will be subjected to vigorous prosecution under the appropriate penal code in Pennsylvania or any other state, and will be assessed ALL court costs as well as legal expenses on behalf of the Forever Love Rescue Inc pertaining to the recovery of this pet and any subsequent veterinary expenses incurred.

 I further understand that any and all additional expenses, including transportation, incurred by Forever Love Rescue Inc to reclaim said pet will be my responsibility.

 Should it come to the attention of Forever Love Rescue Inc from any source that the adopter is NOT abiding by the terms of this agreement, or is abusing or mistreating a pet, Forever Love Rescue Inc has the right to take the pet into protective custody while the charge is investigated, and if the charge is deemed to be true and accurate, shall have the right to resume permanent ownership of the pet and adopter shall relinquish all rights and this agreement shall be terminated.

I hereby release and waive any right or claim against Forever Love Rescue Inc and the contact person involved in the adoption now and in the future for any damages to any person(s) or property or for any other claims resulting in the adoption of this pet.

Forever Love Rescue Inc reserves the right to refuse to adopt a pet to any potential adopter for any reason.


In the event of incapacitation, catastrophic illness or death of the adopter, the following person(s) ____________________________________,who reside(s) at____________________________, and can be reached at the following phone number(s) _______________________ ______________ and/or email ___________________________, have agreed to be responsible for notifying Forever Love Rescue Inc either via text at 717-549-1677 or by voicemail at (717)900-5525 that the adopted pet needs to be returned to said rescue and will cooperate in the return of the pet. If this person wishes to then adopt the pet, that person will be required to complete an adoption application and go through the approval process including a home visit.

 I understand the adoption fee for this cat is ______(see above)__________.  In many cases

this fee does not cover our “per cat” expenses for rescue but we feel it is a

reasonable fee to be supplemented by donations to continue our mission.

Generally, there is no provision for refunding of any portion of any

adoption fee, but exceptions may be made on a case by case basis for special

cases and these are at the sole discretion of Forever Love Rescue Inc.

Additional commitments…  Please see attached vet records for vaccine and spay/neuter surgery dates.  Advantage/Revolution is given to the cats in rescue.  This will be due again on _____________________.  We highly recommend continuing with this or a similar preventative monthly!  Barcode/number below represents the microchip ID number issued by 24PetWatch.


The only way one of our rescued cats should ever be declawed is if they come into rescue that way.  The declawing procedure is a very painful and unnecessary one!

If performed on a human being, declawing would be like cutting off each finger at the last knuckle.

Acute pain is practically a given side effect, but bones left after declawing can dig into cats’ paws, causing chronic pain or infection. Cats can also develop arthritis in the other joints in their hands and feet because the tendon attachments are cut and they have to realign. Phantom limb pain is another risk.  There are not a lot of reasons why cats should be declawed.  If you offer proper scratching posts — with bark or sisal rope, not carpeting — it’s absolutely unnecessary.
Scratching is a natural feline behavior. It’s used for nail maintenance, marking territory and preserving muscle tone. Even declawed cats go through the motions. Since claws offer protection, some declawed cats may also resort to aggression and biting.  Some have seen litter box refusal after surgeries leading to many accidents in the home even long-term potty problems.

     Adoption fees do not cover total aggregate vet expenses, let alone operational costs. We will gladly accept any additional donations, now or in the future from you, friends, referrals etc.

Your additional rescue donation of $_________________ is appreciated.