If you are new to bottle feeding, visit kittenlady.org/bottlefeeding for a fabulous overview complete with target feeding amounts. Keep in mind these are only guidelines – kittens vary tremendously!

  • Never feed a cold kitten!!! The first step is always to warm them up to at least 99 degrees using body heat, a heating pad or another method.
  • Only use KMR® Kitten Milk Replacer Powder, available from FLR. 
  • Latching can be a big issue at first. For kittens who don’t easily latch, check to see that the nipple is not clogged, place drops on the tongue, and/or try using a miracle nipple available from FLR.
  • For baby kittens who will not latch, drop formula on the kitten’s tongue using an eyedropper.
  • Burping your kitten during and/or after feeding may help with fussy babies. Put them on your shoulder and gently pat or bounce them.
  • The biggest concern for bottle/eyedropper feeding is not to get too much formula in their mouth at once as this can lead to aspiration. Only give them drops if they are swallowing!
  • Aspiration can lead to life-threatening lung infection. If you think your kitten has breathed in formula, be sure to bounce/pat them until they sneeze or cough it up.
  • Keep all mixed KMR refrigerated between feedings and use within 24 hours.
  • Submerge nipples, bottles and eyedroppers in boiling water at least once daily for sanitation.