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Our Goal is to provide the best medical and emotional support to those that do not find hope in other places, primarily in Adams, Cumberland and Franklin Counties. Our focus includes:  **Pregnant mothers | bottle babies | special needs | seniors **

Top Tips for Foster Parents

What you do makes a difference! Whether you have your kitty for an hour, a week or a month, they are warm, safe and loved while they are with you. THANK YOU!

Sometimes cats/kittens die. This is a sad reality of what we do. Remember, they came to you with health issues, and you did the best you could for them.

Check in regularly with kitten weights, pictures and questions via our Facebook group, Forever Love Rescue Fosters. If you’re not a member, please ask to be added.

Do not take in fosters or make any foster changes, even temporary ones, without Stephanie’s approval. It is essential that she makes and monitors these decisions.

Call or reach out for help early if you see concerning behavior changes in your foster. Kittens can crash fast, so check here or ask for advice if your kitty has stopped eating, is not gaining weight, has diarrhea, dehydration, etc.

Never let a foster run loose outside; guard carefully against escapes.

Non-clumping litter is preferred for kittens whenever possible, especially when first introducing them to the litter box.

♥ Kittenlady.org is a fabulous resource for those fostering kittens of all ages.

There is an entire FLR village ready to help you! Start by asking other experienced fosters, and always reach out to Sheryl (sheryl@foreverloverescue.com) or Stephanie when in doubt. The fastest way to reach Stephanie is via Facebook messenger.

Foster only for FLR

  • We know you have a big heart and want to help all animals, but we need to protect the vulnerable cats/kittens under our care first.
  • We have limited resources and must use them where they will make the most difference.
  • We need to know when our fosters are free, particularly during the emergency two hour window for bottle babies.
  • We also need you to have the time required to fully socialize your fosters. 


Let Stephanie Intake/Name Kittens

  • Stephanie will handle intake and assign a name when kitty’s information is entered into the FLR spreadsheet.
  • Multiple kittens under the same name are difficult to keep straight; if you want to suggest a name, consult with Stephanie first!


Follow a Minimum 14 Day Quarantine

  • This hold period is essential because distemper and other symptoms can be dormant in a litter for up to 14 days.
  • During this time fosters should not come in contact or be in the same room with other fosters or your personal pets.
  • Food and water bowls and especially litter boxes/scoops should not be used by different litters.
  • If you are fostering more than one litter of kittens or cats, keep them separate from each other as well.


Protect Your Family Pets

  • It is strongly suggested to keep your pets and fosters separated even after the 14 day hold.
  • Not all contagious illnesses are treatable, and family cats should be fully vaccinated if you are fostering.