A sick kitty can quickly become dehydrated and may act lethargic. Watch carefully to see if your foster is drinking water or enough KMR. You may have to monitor and keep track of litter box activity.

  • You can check for dehydration by pulling the skin up just a little lower than the back of the neck. It should be taut and snap back down. If it stands up or takes some time to go back down, the kitty may be dehydrated.
  • It is safe to use OTC pedialyte in place of water in formula or as a supplement short-term for mild dehydration.
  • If your kitty is severely dehydrated, subcutaneous fluids may be necessary. This is a great skill to learn and you can be buddied up with an experienced foster parent who can teach you.
  • Contact FLR right away if you think your cat is dehydrated for more than a day! We may arrange a home visit, direct you to the shelter for fluids or send the kitty to one of the local veterinarians who bill FLR directly.