Environment and food changes combined with stress make initial diarrhea, sneezing, goopy eyes and many other symptoms common.

♥ In most cases, you can wait 3 days before taking further action as long as the symptoms do not worsen and the cat/kitten is eating and not losing weight.

♥ Always feel free to reach out to other fosters for advice at any time!

♥ If the symptoms are the same or worsening after 3 days, contact Stephanie. She will evaluate and point you towards/provide you with the best course of treatment.

♥ Wash your hands and change your shirt after handling sick animals before handling any other pets or fosters to prevent the spread of illness.

Call FLR about any medicinal supply needs; Kitty Corner normally has a supply of wormer, flea/tick medicine, electrolyte solution, probiotics, ointments, syringes, etc.

♥ Meds not mixed with a bottle or wet food can be given with an eyedropper in the side of the mouth.