At around 5 weeks of age, premolars start to come in, indicating they are ready to try chewing. You may notice the kitten chewing on the nipple or being fussier than usual.

  • Use only canned kitten pate at first. Mix with some formula to create a slurry and let kittens try to lick it, or use a larger nipple and feed via bottle until they are used to the taste.
  • Food change over ratio should start at 75% formula-25% pate and slowly increase to more pate.
  • After a few days of slurry, you can try some mashed up kitten pate on a plate. If the kitten is reluctant to move to pate, try making your slurry with more formula and then offering the pate when they are still hungry.
  • Once kittens are successfully eating this slurry and/or pate, introduce dry kitten food and small amounts of water in a shallow dish as well. Leave these available and monitor. You will notice when they become interested.
  • Weigh kittens regularly during the weaning process. If they lose weight, back up a step and/or supplement with KMR.
  • Most kittens can wean from formula to wet and dry kitten food completely by 6-7 weeks.
  • Some kittens may need more time being bottle-fed due to health, weight or size. A few can simply be stubborn.
  • It’s okay to supplement food with formula as needed. Reach out for advice if they still aren’t fully weaned by 8 weeks.
  • Feed kittens half to a full can of wet food daily, with plenty of dry food and low levels of water always available. Adjust to ensure that the kitten continues to gain weight.