While you can find guidance for many situations here, online at kittenlady.org or by reaching out to other fosters, there are some situations in which you should notify FLR right away. Reach out to Sheryl (sheryl@foreverloverescue.com) or Stephanie via Facebook messenger in these situations or if you are in doubt.

  • If your foster has a fever (over 103 degrees F, rectally) and/or nasal discharge that is thick and yellowish-green (vs. clear and watery), let Sheryl or Stephanie know immediately. This may indicate a bacterial infection, and antibiotics may be necessary.
  • Eyes that are red and swollen or have an extreme amount of discharge, vs. small amounts of discharge (common with a URI and needing only warm washing) can often be treated with eye ointment picked up at FLR.
  • If your foster experiences loss of appetite beyond the first day’s adjustment period, reach out to Sheryl or Stephanie.
  • Continual vomiting or occasional vomiting that lasts more than a day or two may indicate the need for a vet.
  • Extreme lethargy for more than 1-2 days may indicate the need for a vet.