We will do our best to list the kittens we have who will be coming available for adoption on this page.  Please note that we do have a list of people waiting for kittens so they may go quickly.  If you have already been approved and you see a kitten that you may be interested in, please visit foreverloverescue.com/schedule to request a meeting!  Our kittens will not be made available until they are spayed/neutered (at 8+ weeks old).  They will also be FIV/FELV tested, dewormed, microchipped, started on flea/tick prevention and have at least the first of 3 distemper shots done.  After adoption they will need one or two vet appointments for distemper booster and the state required rabies vaccine at 12 weeks of age.  Adoption fee is $100 or $150 if you adopt a pair of siblings!


Week of 2/27/2021…
We are trying to arrange the available fosters to be here for this weekend’s meetings.  I would recommend scheduling a visit Saturday or Sunday. https://foreverloverescue.com/schedule  I will put some info here on them and see if any pictures have been turned in yet.  The dates listed should be estimated birthdates. DSH means domestic short haired kittens. DMH is medium haired or fuzzy kittens.
Button 11/1/2020 DSH – M tuxedo
Tres 11/6/2020 DSH – F black

The following kittens are already here at Kitty Corner and on our website:
And we have some special needs kittens too: