Thank you for applying to adopt one of our kitties! We have received your application and will be working on it this week. Please be patient as our volunteers process these applications in their spare time. Our goal is to process all applications by Thursday or Friday to allow time for weekend adoptions. Please watch your email for updates.

Thanks for applying to adopt a cat/kitten from us!  Here is what to expect next… PLEASE READ this page in it’s entirety.  If you have questions moving forward please email so that the proper volunteers get your message!

  1. If you have current or past pets, call your vet office and give them permission to release information to us ASAP.
  2. If you rent or do not have current/previous pets – contact your references and let them know to expect our call which may come from a private cell phone.
  3. One of our volunteers will be working on your application and will be in touch with you shortly.  Please allow AT LEAST 3-5 business days for this application to be processed.  We do our best to have each weeks applications processed by Friday afternoon to allow for weekend adoptions.  Watch for calls from a volunteers private cell phone and watch your spam email folders in case our volunteers email address gets blocked!  You can add to your safe senders list in your email to avoid having our emails go to your spam file.
  4. Once your application is approved you WILL get an email approval with further instructions.  Your application does not reserve a specific cat/kitten.  We can only reserve a specific cat/kitten after you have been approved, requested a visit with the specific kitty and we have approved that visit request.  Once approved you are approved to adopt any of our available kitties.  We typically have 80-100 cats and kittens available to adopt and our website is almost NEVER up to date with everyone available.  As hard as we try that is a huge job here every week!  We invite you to come in to our shop to visit the cats/kittens here any Saturday/ Sunday 11am-3pm.  You will also have the option to make weekday appointments once you are approved.
  5. Finally, if you at any point you change your mind about adopting or decide to adopt elsewhere PLEASE email to close your application so that our volunteers do not spend valuable time working on an application that does not need to be processed.

IF you failed to provide any information we requested in the application, our volunteers will not be able to process it. IF you made note that you are looking for an outdoor cat or indoor/outdoor cat OR you said that you plan to declaw the cat, we will not be able to process your application. We typically do not allow our adoptable cats to be adopted to outdoor or indoor/outdoor homes nor do we ever allow them to be declawed. We do occasionally get a cat who needs indoor/outdoor access and we will consider applications for those cats to be indoor/outdoor. We also sometimes get cats who are already declawed by their previous owner. And if you are looking for an outdoor only cat please visit our Barn Cats page on our website to apply for one of those. We do not typically DENY applications but we do email you when we have concerns or difficulties processing them. If you have any questions about your application please email Thank you!