Stool issues are common and multiple throughout the fostering process. Feel free to reach out to other fosters with questions or concerns and to get guidance.

Here are some general guidelines:

  • Severely watery/bloody diarrhea should be addressed immediately! Contact Stephanie.
  • Benebac may help with stool issues; give once every other day for one week, and then once every week to maintain. Available at pet stores or FLR.
  • First choice with many fosters for constipation is a few drops of Karo corn syrup mixed with bottle or food.
  • Many fosters treat diarrhea with probiotics, baby rice cereal and/or one-two doses of kaolin pectate (available from pet stores) mixed in with a bottle or wet food. Use kaolin pectate only if the formulation does NOT contain salicylates.
  • Continued loose stool or diarrhea in kittens may be caused by parasites and can often be treated with meds picked up at the shelter.
  • Deworming, a major cause of stool issues, should begin at 4 weeks or 1 pound and continue every two weeks until adopted, as needed.